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SOS Care in collaboration with The First Place Global Leadership Institute Make Waves Center for Community Development is conducting a comprehensive housing market analysis to determine the needs and preferences of adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the Charleston area.

Adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities (A/I/DD) face a critical shortage of housing options and access to supports they need to thrive. To drive future planning, funding and advancements in public policy, we are completing a comprehensive housing market analysis of needs and preferences in the Charleston area and need your help!

Charleston Housing Options Info Session

(Length 1:11:57)


  1. Watch presentation video.
  2. Take the survey:

Charleston Housing Options Info Session Plain Language

The plain-language video is shorter and more direct. It is ideal for those with visual and focus support needs. Main concepts use less text and more visual supports. The visual guide can help you track what you like and don't like. This guide is also helpful for filling out the survey after the presentation.

(Length 22:48)


  1. (Optional) Print Visual Guide, make sure you have a pen/pencil. Keep track of what you like and don't like by circling preferences in each section. This can help you remember what you want when you fill out the survey at the end.
  2. Watch plain language video.
  3. Take the survey:

The Process

Options Presentation > Stakeholder Survey > Data Analysis > Final Report

The Purpose

Collect Data

Determine what individuals need and want.

Identify Barriers

Identify barriers to meeting demand.

Work Together

Demonstrate how the public, private, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors can work together to mitigate displacement or homelessness.

The Participants

Self Advocates, Family Members, Leaders, Housing Analysts

If you have any questions, please email or call (843) 449-0554



Millions with Autism and no supports


7.37m Americans have Autism
6.14m have no residential supports
1,304,480 in SC have a disability
28,000+ in SC wait 7-15 years for funds

23,000 in SC group homes (1-6 persons)

200 on SC crisis lists for placement
35 states have Olmstead Plans
South Carolina has no Olmstead Plan

(For references, email

Autism Services Provider | SOS Care in Murrells Inlet, SC

What is the “HCBS Final Rule?”
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Services Home and Community-Based
Services (HCBS) Final Rule ensures
individuals have full access to the
benefits of community living and the
opportunity to receive services in the
most appropriate integrated setting.

Survey: People with Disabilities

The results report clear needs for
advancing community living and the
Final Rule in South Carolina:

  1. Reduce waiting lists for Waiver funds
  2. Address health care workforce crisis
  3. Create employment programs
  4. Develop diverse, affordable housing
  5. Enhance transportation options
  6. Advance assistive technologies
  7. Improve care coordination services

And, fund and publish a SC Olmstead Plan.

What is an Olmstead Plan?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead
ruling states that people with disabilities are
entitled to choose services that suit their
individual preferences and needs for
integrated settings. In response, states
developed Olmstead action plans. For more
than 20 years, our state has had no plan.