Please complete the “Getting to Know You” application and then email it to ABA@sosCareSC.org. We will reach out to you after reviewing your information. Please note that we do currently have a waitlist for our ABA program.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is an evidence-based method of treatment for autism that uses various techniques, such as positive reinforcement, to bring about meaningful change in behavior.

This program includes an assessment and treatment plan to improve a child’s communication, social relationships, self-care, school behavior and play. It uses natural environment teaching, so children can transfer what they learn to multiple areas such as at home and out in the community and school. Each child’s plan is individualized to their needs with well-defined goals to accurately assess progress.

Once you have filled out our “Getting to Know You” application for ABA and return it to the ABA Intake email, we will take a look at all the information, especially the insurance (to make sure we take your insurance plan) and the medical or psychological diagnosis and we will place your child on our waitlist.
Each individual must have an ABA consultant who takes care of your ABA plans and goals. A consultant is only allowed a certain number of cases to ensure everyone is receiving the best ABA care. An average caseload per consultant is 10-12 individuals, thus making the wait for ABA more than we have consultants currently. There is also a long wait list even to get your child diagnosed with autism since only a Developmental Pediatrician Physician or medically approved Psychologist can diagnosis an individual with autism.
SOS is not a doctor’s office. SOS provides many programs for individuals who have autism or other intellectual disabilities for individuals to be successful and strive to live their best independent lives.
Only a Developmental Pediatrician Physician or medically approved Psychologist can diagnosis an individual with autism.
Oak Tree Farm currently houses 5 individuals, with future phases of development in progress.

You can contact the main number 843-449-0554 to speak with someone about that information. Each program runs differently, so it may not be about the number, but the slot that is open. For instance, we may have an AM opening for ABA, but your child needs a PM time due to school or your adult needs more care and is not ready to attend phase one of the more independent phase available at Oak Tree Farm.

Life skills and job coaching are both programs to guide your individual toward independent living. Life skills teaches how to cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shop etc. and job coaching helps you with your resume and finding a job. For more information, please visit our website for more details as well a applications.
SOS does do a summer camp for children and one for adults. The camp fills up quickly each year and we reach out to past campers first to see if they will be returning and if not, then we will look at the applications that must be filled out and returned each year. Applications can be found on our website, sent by email or mailed to your home.
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