More than 20 years ago, a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Olmstead) led many states to begin to move persons with disabilities out of institutions, and create more housing and services to enable them to live more independently in our communities. Many states developed “Olmstead Plans,” which document efforts to enable persons with disabilities to have more freedom. Today, there is no Olmstead Plan for South Carolina.

While SOS and other advocates work with policy makers to develop a plan, our state still must meet the requirements of the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule, which ensures individuals have full access to the benefits of community living and the opportunity to receive services in the most appropriate, integrated setting. “Choice” is a right, and so, SOS is bringing down the barriers to housing choice for persons with disabilities across our state right now. In partnership with persons with disabilities and their families, housing developers, federal, state and local agencies, community organizations and others, SOS is developing housing and services to expand choices for persons with disabilities.

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