Who we are

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit direct service provider that empowers those with autism and intellectual disabilities to thrive on their own. We offer a range of programs, camps, activities and classes that teach the life and social skills one needs to live independently as possible. 

What we do

When a family gets the news that their child is diagnosed with autism and/or intellectual disabilities they can feel helpless. SOS answers their call for help. We can provide guidance, programs, resources and support to those diagnosed, along with their families, so they may seek comfort in knowing their child can have an independent future.


Our mission is to answer the call for help when individuals or families are facing the challenges of autism and  intellectual disabilities.


Our vision is to provide the resources needed for independent living for all individuals in South Carolina with autism and Intellectual disabilities so they are not in danger of becoming homeless.

Core Values

Innovation – We will share ideas and thoughts about new programs and process improvements.

  • Choose to embrace change, create your own opportunities, and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Expect growth as an outcome.

Accountability – We will take responsibility for our attitudes and encourage people to see things in a different light. Positive and negative energy are very contagious.

  • Always be positive and professional.
  • Respond appropriately to feedback and maintain or improve performance accordingly. Own your mistakes.

Honesty – We are mirrors reflecting our attitudes and behaviors to the world.

  • Promote truthful and honest behavior in others. Promote an ethical culture.

Employee Development – We will improve ourselves intentionally.

  • Seek out appropriate study, training, supervision, and/or consultation from persons who are competent in those areas. Set personal and/or professional goals.

Integrity – We will recognize personal and professional boundaries.

  • Recognize if, and when, your personal problems and conflicts with others may impact your ability to perform your duties. Recognize your own limitations.

Diversity – We will respect everyone we work with.

  • Maintain client dignity. Put people first.
  • Use the collective talents of all employees.

Courage – We will have courage in our decision making.

  • Take steps to resolve issues as they arise.

Trust – We will trust each other and the decisions that are being made by co-workers, supervisors, and the organization.

  • Follow through on obligations and contractual commitments with high quality work. Keep your commitments.