Oak Tree Farm

Oak Tree Farm symbolizes strength of character and courage. Oak Tree Farm will be an affordable housing community designed for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. The community will include access to transportation, life skills training, an amenities center, a swimming pool, on-site laundry facilities, and more. Oak Tree Farm will provide housing for adult individuals with autism and related disabilities. Horry County citizens with developmental disabilities have no access to housing in the community. There is a severe lack of safe and sustainable housing for individuals with developmental disabilities in Horry County.

Many of these individuals are unable to work and rely solely on SSI. Individuals who are able to work can often work only part time due to issues related to their disability. In addition, due to issues related to their disability, this population is frequently only able to work in minimum wage, entry level positions. People with disabilities are vulnerable to poverty. According to the Horry County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice 2014, in South Carolina in 2011, 30.2% of people with a disability aged 21-64 were living below the poverty line. Only 28% were employed.

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Oak Tree Farm  FAQ’s

Question 1: How do I apply to live at Oak Tree Farm?

The first step is to complete the preliminary survey at:

Question 2: I completed by preliminary application, what happens next?

You are now on the waitlist. The waitlist is used to help secure funding as we continue to build out Oak Tree Farm. As funding is approved, we will reach out regarding your next steps. There will be a more detailed application that will be required, along with attendance in our Adult Life Skills 1 & 2 Programs.

Question 3: I am #__ on the waitlist, what does that mean?

When you complete your preliminary application you are added to the “interest” list. If you are #92, this does not mean that you will be the 92nd person to receive housing at OTF. We will be assessing individuals and offering housing to groups with similar needs, etc.

Question 4: When will I be able to move into Oak Tree Farm?

Oak Tree Farm is under construction. The first house, called the Transition House, is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020 and will house 5 men who have already been identified. We have applied for funding for the next phase which will accommodate 45 individuals. We should hear if we are approved for funding towards the end of the year.

Question 5: How many people will live at Oak Tree Farm?

At its’ completion OTF will house approximately 130 residents.

Question 6: Will there be support staff onsite 24 hours per day?

Oak Tree Farm is an independent or interdependent housing community. There will be a designated staff residence and someone will live onsite for emergency situations and guidance. SOS will provide oversight, but will not offer direct care. Residents will complete a “care plan” with their families and SOS to determine who will assist with various needs. Additionally, we will be using technology to support residents with reminders, alarms, medication, etc.

Question 7: Will there be food services available?

Oak Tree Farm is an independent living community. All homes are equipped with full kitchens and residents will be responsible for their own meals.

Question 8: What is the cost to live at Oak Tree Farm? Are utilities included?

Approximately $500 per month which includes water and electricity.

Question 9: What type of amenities will be offered at Oak Tree Farm?

There will be a Life Skills Building (clubhouse) which will be the hub of the community. SOS will offer Life Skills training and job coaching onsite and will encourage individuals to seek employment or volunteer opportunities. The Life Skills building will have rooms for different activities includings cards, games, fitness and movies. It will also have a kitchen that can be used for cooking classes and group dinners. The community will offer a swimming pool and a fitness trial with adaptive equipment.

Question 10: What type of rules will be in place for residents?

Oak Tree Farm is an adult community therefore adults will be able to make decisions regarding bed time, food, activities, etc. There will be “HOA” rules that will be put in place as guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of residents. Additionally, roommates will create a “roommate agreement” which will outline specific, agreed-upon rules for individual units

Question 11: What type of units will be available?

Oak Tree Farm will offer duplexes and apartment style homes. Units will be either 3br/3ba, 2br/2ba or 1br/1ba. Each individual will have a private bedroom and bathroom and each unit will have shared living, dining and kitchen. Shared living areas will be furnished, however individuals must furnish bedrooms and bathrooms.

Question 12: Are pets allowed?

This is still under advisement