More About ABA

Our program includes an assessment and treatment plan to improve a child’s communication, social relationships, self-care, school behavior and play. It uses natural environment teaching, so children can transfer what they learn to multiple areas such as at home and out in the community and school. Each child’s plan is individualized to their needs with well-defined goals to accurately assess progress.


ABA is 1:1 therapy (1 therapist per child) so there are no groups – in order to participate in the ABA program at SOS Care at this time, you need to have a diagnosis of autism as well as deficits in one or more of the following areas:

  • adaptive and self-care skills
  • attending and social referencing
  • cognitive functioning
  • community participation
  • coping and tolerance skills
  • emotional development
  • family relationships
  • language and communication
  • play and leisure skills
  • pre-academic skills
  • reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors
  • safety skills
  • self-advocacy and independence
  • self-management
  • social relationships


How old do you have to be to receive ABA Therapy services?

What hours are you open?

Will you provide services in my home?

Is there a cost? Can you use health insurance or a waiver to help pay?

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