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About Us

Village Vision started as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2016 by parents of young adults with intellectual disabilities in Charleston, South Carolina. Village Vision has merged under SOS Care and, together, we are working to provide adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, and productive community that will enrich their lives with relevance, friendship, and social interaction.


Our mission is to answer the call for help when individuals or families are facing the challenges of autism and intellectual disabilities.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide the resources needed for independent living for all individuals in South Carolina with autism and intellectual disabilities so they are not in danger of becoming homeless.

Provide a safe and friendly environment.

Build a sense of community for all.

Affordable care and an integrative lifestyle.

Live and work to be productive citizens.

Village Vision Development Commitee

Renken Carlin

Beth Conant

Stacey Ledbetter

Clay Seim

Natasha DeWitte

Dawn Itzkowitz

Timme Spanos

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End Of Year Giving 2023

A Real Return on Your Donation!

“It’s not about the gifts we get today, but the many partnerships we build for many productive tomorrows.”

When you donate to SOS Care, you are making big changes in the everyday lives of thousands of local individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. We deliver results
– Sarah Pope, CEO SOS Care